Have something you don't see on our site?

We're open to considering a swap - send us an email at with a very recent picture of what you'd like to swap, as well as tell us the code of the frag(s) you'd like to trade for.  We have a preference for pictures being taken under balanced white/blue lighting; some cameras do oversaturate blue, so we know this isn't always possible - so a picture taken just under white light wouldn't go astray.


  • Shipping - you'll need to be in an overnight shipping area that can ship to Sebastopol VIC 3356 (and somewhere we can overnight via AusPost/Toll Priority). We cannot do airport/airport.
  • If we agree to a trade, we'll make the agreed stock unavailable on our website.
  • You will need to send us what you'd like to trade first, and if we're happy with the items, we'll discuss sending the agreed stock as a trade. Our normal shipping rules apply - if the weather isn't suitable for shipping, we may delay shipping, and we will only ship early in the week.
  • Please understand that just because you want to trade something you don't see on our site doesn't mean it isn't something we already have growing - we often let stock grow for years before we start to make frags available. It's worth asking anyway - as we may still be interested.
  • What you're trading doesn't have to be "aquacultured" - but we would love to know if whether or not it is.
  • Trades don't necessarily have to be like for like - we're open to trades for other species, including stuff you don't see listed on our site.
  • DOAs: If what you send us doesn't survive delivery to us, and was appropriately packed and shipped (properly insulated, sent overnight, etc), then we will advise you as soon as possible. We may or may not agree to continue the trade regardless.

Will we buy stock?

Perhaps. We're mostly interested in colonies of zoanthids that we currently don't have, but may also consider other "fraggable" species such as chalices. Please do understand that we are a registered business, and we do have wholesale accounts so the prices we'd be willing to pay are significantly less than retail. You are welcome to ask, but we do generally prefer to trade.