Terms & Conditions

Loony's Frags Terms & Conditions of website use:


All of our stock will need to be paid for at the time of purchase unless advised otherwise. Stock will be sent in line with our Delivery Information (http://www.loonysfrags.com/opencart/index.php?route=information/information&information_id=6). We will not ship until the payment has cleared.  Our payment options are either cash on delivery (via prior arrangement only), Direct Deposit (details will be emailed to you) or by PayPal.   We will only ship coral within Australia. Please do take notice of any listed shipping times on the front page of our website as we will often listen stock in advance of it being ready to ship. Should your corals be damaged/die/degrade in the period between ordering and packing, we will contact you via your registered email address to arrange either an alternative coral or refund for that coral.  Our shipping is charged at a flat rate, so in the case of one item being refunded where you have multiple items ordered, this will not change the shipping cost.


Our stock is presented as "What You See Is What You Get". We do try to keep our photographs recent, however due to the nature of live stock, the item may appear to be different once received than when it was photographed.

Our stock are kept under quality, purpose built LED lighting. We do not alter the colour saturation of our photos, however we may alter the white balance before shooting to reduce the saturation of blue light caused by our lighting.  We will also often use flash photography as a method of trying to reduce any artifical light saturation caused by our tank lighting. The colour rendition of our corals will vary under different lighting and tank conditions, so should be used as a guide only, however we will do our best to ensure that what you see in a photo is a reasonable representation of what you could expect in your tank under 50:50 blue/white lighting.

Aquacultured and Wild Caught stock:

Loony's Frags endevours to produce aquacultured stock for the marine hobby, however there are times where some frags may consist in part  wild caught polyps. It is quite difficult to keep track of individual polyps within our source colonies. What you can be sure of however, is that even if some of the polyps you've purchased are from the wild, the majority of the colony it has come from has created many frags that will in time create many more aquacultured polyps. We also sell "Wild Caught" corals that will be listed under the "Wild Caught" section of the website.


We do our best to ensure that any items we ship are pest free, however due to the nature of the many pest species in the marine world, occasionally they may catch a ride with your order. Due to this, we cannot warrant that this will not happen from time to time. It is up to the buyer to deal with any such issue should it arise; pests such as majano sp. and aiptasia are quite common within the hobby, and anyone purchasing coral should be aware of how to identify and deal with those species.